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Name Games: Origins of Derby Monikers

Name Games: Origins of Derby Monikers

In our quest to discover the origins of names belonging to Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (gr. I) contenders, we discovered a diamond mine, picked up some basketball lingo, learned Indonesian, and found out what brown can do for us. Here are the stories behind the names of a few runners going into this year's first Saturday in May.

Whose Name Will Make History?

When the horses competing in this year's Kentucky Derby (gr. I) got their names, they had only their pedigree, personality, and their owners' personalities to create for them the perfect title.

Name Protection

By Alastair Bull -- You may not realize it, but Citation is alive and in training. So, for that matter, is Allez France. We've also seen Habibti racing again, and doing very well. None of these horses are clones. All are instead examples of one of world racing's great anomalies: the ability to re-use the names of champion racehorses.

Name Games

By Buddy Bishop -- Maybe it's a sign of the times, a glimpse of what lies ahead. But I certainly hope that isn't the case. In the past few months, several Thoroughbred owners have submitted horse names that were quite obviously "vulgar, obscene, in poor taste, and offensive to religious, political, or ethnic groups."

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