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Statehouse Blues

By Ray Paulick -- The governors of New York and California may strike deals that will hurt the racing industry.

Simulcasting in Northern California May Expand

Recent legislation passed in California and signed by Gov. Gray Davis will allow Northern California racetracks and county fairs to expand simulcasting if the number of live racing dates is reduced. The new law also allows additional simulcasting if live racing is interrupted because of power failures that have plagued the state in recent years.

Peer Pressure

By Ray Paulick -- Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton gave Californians help in educating Gov. Gray Davis on the horse industry.

Fractious We Fall

By Ray Paulick -- An 11th-hour attack of remorse fever on account wagering isn't helping California racing's image.

Horse Poor

By Ray Paulick -- If California Gov. Gray Davis would like to see what he's done for racing in the Golden State, he should take a trip to the racetrack--perhaps one in West Virginia or Delaware. That's where a number of horses from California are racing these days.

California Board Approves Golden Gate License

With new member John Harris aboard, the California Horse Racing Board raced down to the wire and granted Golden Gate Fields its license approval just in time for the Albany track to open for business on schedule. The CHRB approved Golden Gate's license Tuesday afternoon on the eve of the Bay-side track's fall-winter season, which starts today.

Gray Skies

By Ray Paulick -- For California's career politician, Gov. Gray Davis, it's politics as usual.

The Cost of Reform

By Ray Paulick -- California Gov. Gray Davis will be doing the right thing by signing the account wagering legislation into law.

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