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Horse Racing Needs A New Box

Horse Racing Needs A New Box

To remain successful in a competitive marketplace, products undergo changes and re-packaging. Soaps add magic formulas. Foods reduce fat. Cars think for themselves. read blog

Commentary: Broad Cast

Commentary:  Broad Cast

By Dan Liebman - During dinner with colleagues the night of Dec. 29, a member of the party returned to the table and mentioned how the New York Giants were leading the New England Patriots in the fourth quarter. A television in an adjacent room was showing the game on CBS.

Simple Math

By Robert McNair -- Racing used to be a major sport in the 1930s along with baseball and college football, but has since become a minor one. This concerns me, and I'd like to see the sport regain its popularity.

Wake Up

By Paul Deblinger -- The biggest disconnect in racing is the failure of the NTRA and the tracks to do anything for regular customers, or to identify new sources of customers.

Girl Talk

By Nan Mooney -- Marketing a sport to women takes more than just hanging out a "Ladies Welcome" sign. It requires creativity, and some shared wisdom.

Star Search

By John W. Russell -- Question: What sport advertises its product by focusing on frantic fans rather than prominent players? You've got it: Thoroughbred racing.

Let's Get Risky

Let's Get Risky

By Nan Mooney -- Change is never safe. But to attract new, young fans, it's time for the racing industry to do what jockeys, trainers, owners, and fans do every day. It's time for them to take a risk.

Seeing Eye to Eye

Seeing Eye to Eye

By Nan Mooney -- Most racetrack insiders have their own peculiar way of viewing the world. But a crucial viewpoint appears to be getting lost. Everyone on the inside is so busy looking sideways, they seem to have forgotten about all of us on the outside looking in.

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