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Borell Enters Alford Plea on Cruelty Charges

Borell Enters Alford Plea on Cruelty Charges

Charles Borell entered an Alford guilty plea Sept. 29 on nine of 43 animal cruelty charges in Central Kentucky and was sentenced to 179 days in jail, but will not serve that time provided he adheres to conditions of a two-year probationary period.

Arkansas Trainer Charged With Animal Cruelty

An arrest warrant was issued yesterday (Nov. 16) for Arkansas trainer Glenn Hild on 17 charges of animal cruelty, according to Mary Ann Taft, Arkansas State Humane Officer. The 17 Thoroughbreds Hild allegedly mistreated and neglected are in the process of being taken from his former Broken Word Farm near Hot Springs, Ark. The horses will be taken to rescue organizations.

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