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Equine Carpal Spavin Treatment

Carpal spavin is a degenerative form of osteoarthritis located at the junction of the medial splint bone (the inside part) and the second carpal (knee) joint. Not only does this result in crippling lameness, but quality of life issues often lead to euthanasia of affected horses. At the 2009 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention, h...

Different West Nile Virus Genetic Lineage Evolving?

It's a variant of Murphy's Law: Anytime you think you have a handle on something, the unexpected happens and you're off balance again. The equine health world might be in this boat now concerning West Nile virus infection in horses. With several different types of vaccines available and in widespread use in the United States over the last seve...

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