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And They're Off: 2010 Year End Edition

And They're Off: 2010 Year End Edition

Lenny and Steve say good-bye to 2010 with the Offy Awards. Plus, Life At Ten, NYRA, and remembering Mack Miller. Sponsored by Darby Dan Farm.

Using Force Measurements to Help Shoe Laminitic Horses

Corrective shoeing for laminitis doesn't always work, despite veterinarians' and farriers' best efforts, and it's not always clear why a particular shoeing job isn't successful. In-shoe force measurements, however, can show the effects of shoeing on the foot, allowing for timely adjustments and improved treatments. During the Sept. 17-...

Applying Laminitis Research to Clinical Practice

Seeing the forest for the trees with regards to laminitis can be difficult because researchers are approaching the problem from many different angles, often at the molecular level. At the Sept. 17-18 Laminitis West Conference in Monterey, Calif., Thomas J. Divers, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVECC, professor and Chief of Large Animal Medicine at Cornell Univ...

UHC Seeks to Expand National Speaker Program

The Unwanted Horse Coalition's (UHC) National Speaker Program has been up and running since early 2009 with approximately 100 speakers in the database. This program provides equine events around the country with UHC volunteers to speak about the unwanted horse issue and what it means to "Own Responsibly." The UHC is looking to expand its Nat...

Senate Designates 2011 as World Veterinary Year

While today's veterinarian plays a critical role in protecting the health and welfare of both people and animals in the United States, veterinary medical education actually got its start 250 years ago when the first veterinary medical college opened in Lyon, France. In honor of this anniversary, the United States Senate passed a resolution declaring 2...

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