Jockey Club Projects 10% Foal Crop Decline
by Blood-Horse Staff
Date Posted: 8/21/2010 2:07:35 PM
Last Updated: 8/22/2010 8:23:58 AM

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt

The Jockey Club announced Aug. 21 a projected 2011 North American registered Thoroughbred foal crop of 27,000, a decline of 10% from the estimate of 30,000 registered foals for 2010.

The foal crop projection, traditionally announced in mid-August, is computed by using Reports of Mares Bred (RMBs) received to date for the 2010 breeding season. RMBs are to be filed by Aug. 1 of each breeding season.

The 2011 foal crop is projected to be the smallest foal crop since 1973, when 26,811 foals were registered.

Stallion owners that have not returned their RMBs for the 2010 breeding season should do so as soon as possible, The Jockey Club said in a release. Submission of RMBs can be accomplished quickly through Interactive Registration (IR), the online service that enables registered users to perform virtually all registration-related activities on the Internet. IR is available at
Also on Aug. 21, it was announced that Ogden Mills Phipps and Stuart S. Janney III were re-elected to four-year terms on the board of stewards of The Jockey Club.
Phipps, a member of The Jockey Club since 1965, has served as chairman since 1983. Janney, a member of The Jockey Club since 1992, was named vice chairman of the organization in June and has served as chairman of The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Safety Committee since its inception in 2008.
James C. Brady, who has served as secretary-treasurer of The Jockey Club since 1983, is stepping down from that position and will be succeeded by Ian D. Highet effective immediately. Brady will continue to serve his term on the board of stewards, which expires in 2013.
Brady became a member of The Jockey Club in 1973 and was serving his first term on the board of stewards when he became secretary-treasurer in 1983.
Highet became a member of The Jockey Club in 2006 and was serving his first term on the board of stewards when he was named secretary-treasurer. He is a partner at the private equity firm Court Square Capital.

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