A Day At The Spa: Aug. 27, Sweet Sense
by Claire Novak
Date Posted: 8/27/2007 11:35:04 AM
Last Updated: 8/27/2007 12:31:16 PM

The Travers blanket – red and white carnations, white “T” in the middle – hangs in front of Street Sense’s stall at the barn of Carl Nafzger and Ian Wilkes. The bright colors are still vibrant, and Nafzger is still savoring the victory this morning as he orchestrates a photo shoot between members of his crew and photographer Barbara Livingston.

“I’d like a picture of me and Wanda, right here, right in front,” Nafzger directs, pulling his wife into the frame. He takes off his glasses and flashes a winning smile.


“Now get Calvin, get Calvin and Lisa,” Nafzger says. The jockey and his fiancée step up to the blanket with their pet Corgi. They’re beaming.


“Bring the crew; come on, everybody,” Nafzger instructs, taking a horse from a hotwalker so the worker can get in the picture. They crowd around the blanket, everyone who has worked with the horse or with any other in the barn.


“Now we need to get HIM,” Nafzger says. Tracy Wilkes brings a lead shank, and Street Sense emerges from his stall. He lifts his head over the rail, and Nafzger offers a carrot. The colt leans forward and takes the proffered treat.


Then Street Sense looks up. Pricks his ears. Flirts with the camera. Livingston smiles, delighted. Bring it, baby.

Click click click click click.

“He’s a natural,” Nafzger laughs. “Just put him on a stage…”

Sweet sense at Nafzger’s barn courtesy of Street Sense  - this morning, the racing world is his audience, and Saratoga makes the perfect stage.
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