Hastings' Offers More Dates, Higher Purses for 2004

Hastings Park opens its 71-day live season April 17. The track has scheduled two more live racing days than last season and purses have increased nearly 15% over last year to a total of $11,292,300 dollars (Canadian) offered. Hastings Entertainment is a division of the Woodbine Entertainment Group.

The richest of the 45 stakes offered during this meet is the Sept. 26 British Columbia Derby (Can-III). The BC Cup, a full card of stakes restricted to British Columbia-bred foals, is Monday Aug. 2 (a Canadian Civic holiday). In addition, there are four other Canadian grade III events offered on the schedule.

Hastings Park offers racing every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday Monday through Nov. 30. First post is 1:03 p.m. PST.

Hastings 2004 Stakes Schedule

Date, Race, Division, Distance in Furlongs, Purse
April 17, Strawberry Morn, 3&up f/m, 6.5, $40,000G
May 1, Sun Handicap, 3&up f/m, 6.5, $40,000G
May 2, George Royal Stakes, 3&up, 6.5, $40,000G
May 2, Fair Lady Stakes, 3yo f, 6.5, $40,000G**
May 23, Hong Kong Jockey Club Sprint Handicap, 3&up, 6.5, $40,000G
May 24, City of Vancouver Handicap, 3-year-olds, 6.5, $40,000G**
May 24, Supernaturel Handicap, 3yo f, 6.5, $40,000G
June 12, John Longden 6000 Handicap, 3&up, 8.5, $45,000G
June 12, Klondike Handicap, 3yo, 6.5, $40,000G
June 13, Emerald Downs Handicap, 3yo f, 6.5, $40,000G
June 19, Brighouse Belles Handicap, 3&up f/m, 8.5, $40,000G
July 1, Lt. Governors' Handicap (Can-III), 3&up, 9, $100,000G,
July 1, Burnaby Breeders' Cup Handicap, 3-year-olds, 8.5, $75,000A
July 1, Liberation Handicap, 3yo f, 8.5, $40,000G**
July 11, Senate Appointee Handicap, 3&up f/m, 9, $40,000G
July 17, Ladnesian Stakes, 2yo c/g, 6.5, $40,000G
July 17, Timber Music Stakes, 2yo f, 6.5, $40,000G
July 18 Jim Coleman Province Handicap, 3yo, 8.5, $40,000G
July 18, Nanaimo Handicap, 3yo f, 8.5, $40,000G
Aug. 2, BC Cup Classic Handicap, 3&up, 9, $65,000G**
Aug. 2, BC Cup Sprint Handicap, 3&up, 6.5, $50,000G**
Aug. 2, BC Cup Distaff Handicap, 3&up f/m, 9, $50,000G**
Aug. 2, BC Cup Stallion Colts Handicap, 3-year-olds(c&g), 8.5, $50,000G**
Aug. 2, BC Cup Stallion Fillies Handicap, 3yo f, 8.5, $50,000G**
Aug. 2, BC Cup Nursery Stakes, 2yo (c&g), 6.5, $50,000G**
Aug. 2, BC Cup Debutante Stakes, 2yo f, 6.5, $50,000G**
Aug. 21, Hastings Speed Handicap, 3&up, 6.5, $40,000G
Aug. 22, New Westminster Handicap, 2yo , 6.5, $40,000G
Aug. 22, Lassie Handicap, 2yo f, 6.5, $40,000G
Sept. 5, Cover Girl Handicap, 3&up f/m, 6.5, $40,000G
Sept. 5, Oaks Preview Handicap, 3yo f, 8.5, $40,000G
Sept. 6, S.W. Randall Plate Handicap, 3&up, 9, $40,000G
Sept. 6, Richmond Derby Trial Handicap, 3-year-olds, 8.5, $40,000G
Sept. 11, CTHS Sales Stakes, 2yo (c&g), 6.5, $60,000G**
Sept. 11, CTHS Sales Stakes, 2yo f, 6.5, $60,000G**
Sept. 25, Sir Winston Churchill Handicap, 3&up, 9, $40,000G
Sept. 25, British Columbia Breeders' Cup Oaks (Can-III), 3yo f, 9, $150,000A
Sept. 26, Delta Colleen Handicap, 3&up f/m, 8.5, $40,000G
Sept. 26, British Columbia Derby (Can-III), 3-year-olds, 9, $250,000A
Oct. 2, Sadie Diamond Futurity, 2yo f, 6.5, $100,000G**
Oct. 2, Jack Diamond Futurity, 2yo (c&g), 6.5, $100,000G
Oct. 16, Ballerina Breeders' Cup (Can-III), 3&up f/m, 9, $150,000A
Oct. 17 Premiers Handicap (Can-III), 3&up, 11, $100,000A
Oct. 23, Fantasy Stakes, 2yo f, 8.5, $50,000A
Nov. 13, Ascot Graduation Stakes, 2yo, 8.5, $75,000A

A - Added, E - Estimated & G - Guaranteed
** indicateds British Columbia-bred

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