Eric Langjahr, Designer of Handicapping Software, Dies

Eric Langjahr, a pioneer in computer-aided handicapping of Thoroughbred racing, died in Las Vegas on Jan. 2 at 47.

The co-founder, co-owner, and President of International Thoroughbred Superhighway, Inc., revolutionized horse-playing when he wrote the Handicapper's DailyR, the award-winning original online racing form software.

Langjahr's program also was known for developing racing data output files that have been widely adopted even by his competitors.

Prior to striking out on his own, Langjahr was a computer programming consultant sought after by top Wall Street financial firms.

He was also a highly accomplished amateur chess player who enjoyed competing in tournaments, an avid reader and book collector, a music lover of eclectic tastes and a ham radio operator.

His parents, Charles and Ruth Langjahr, and his sister, Janet Langjahr, survive him.

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