Oaklawn Drops Certain Off-Shore Locations from Simulcast Network

In an effort to make sure that all wagers are placed in the same manner, Oaklawn Jockey Club has moved to eliminate "batch" technology being employed by several off-shore wagering locations.

In a release from the track, Bobby Geiger, Oaklawn's Director of Mutuels and Simulasting, said that some non-racing outlets have begun using computer technology to place massive wagers at the last possible second, just before wagering is closed on a race.

"Essentially, this technology allows them to bet last, after they have seen and analyzed how everyone else has bet. We don't think this is a level playing field, and we don't think this is fair to the 99.9% of racing fans who don't have access to this technology."

Initially Oaklawn attempted to develop an efficient pricing formula that was designed to offset some of the advantage enjoyed by the off-shore sites. But, when that was not accepted, Oaklawn chose to withhold its signal from those sites.

In the release, Geiger said this decision means racing fans wagering on Oaklawn races should see higher payoffs on winners and see fewer late drops in odds. It also means Oaklawn itself will feel some pain from the loss of fee income generated by the off-shore sites.

"We may revisit this decision as technology evolves," said Geiger. "But we are convinced that this is the right decision today for fans in grandstands."

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