Bushnell's Vizsla Takes Best of Breed at Westminster

A Vizsla co-owned by Thoroughbred insurance executive Fara Bushnell won Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York Tuesday. Bushnell's partner in the dog, named Prairie Heartsong, is Jan Cox.

"It's incredible," said Bushnell, who was reached via her cell phone at the show.

Bushnell is the vice president of Muirfield Insurance in Lexington. Earlier in her career in the horse business, she was a well-known photographer. Bushnell also is the co-owner of an Australian Shepherd, Horizon's Deja Blue, who received the first award of merit in the breed judging. In addition, Bushnell is the co-owner of a Bernese Mountain Dog that also competed at Westminster.

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