Antley Memorial Tuesday; Probe Continues

Antley Memorial Tuesday; Probe Continues
Photo: Associated Press / Al Behman
Jockey Chris Antley, after winning the 1999 Kentucky Derby with Charismatic.
As police continue their probe into the apparent murder of jockey Chris Antley, a memorial service will be held today in Arcadia, Calif. Antley, 34, was found dead late Saturday as a result of a blow to the head. The service will be at 1:00 (PST; 4:00 p.m. EST) at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Arcadia. The county coroner has also scheduled an autopsy for Tuesday.

Between noon and 1:00 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, TVG will show a 4-6 minute taped segment from the memorial service.

Meanwhile, detectives investigating the case questioned Antley's friends Monday but made no arrests in the apparent homicide. "We have no one in custody," Lt. Keith Jones said.

Police would say little about an Antley associate, Timothy Wyman Tyler Jr., who was arrested Sunday at a Pasadena residence on three drug warrants.

"We went to him because he's an associate of the victim," Jones said. "We want to talk to him about any information he may have regarding this crime."

Tyler was a frequent visitor at the Antley home, according to next-door neighbor Jim Herzfeld.

"He was here more than anybody in the last couple months," Herzfeld said.

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