More Breeding Rights Sold in Storm Cat
Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt
Storm Cat continues to grow in popularity, with additional breeding rights in the leading sire sold.
Following on the heels of a reported 10 lifetime breeding rights sold in Storm Cat in 1999 to the John Magnier-controlled Coolmore operation, Ric Waldman, syndicate manager for W.T. Young's Overbrook Farm, has confirmed more breeding rights in North America's leading sire have been sold in 2000.

Waldman would not disclose exactly how many breeding rights have been sold, or who they have been sold to, however, he did say a total of 25 lifetime breeding rights have been sold in the last two years.

"It's a function of the cost of insurance of an aging stallion," Waldman said of the 17-year-old son of Storm Bird. "We still keep control of the stallion, we just don't have any say over 25 breeding rights every year."

The deals, put together during September and October, were sold in singular and multiple breeding-right packages. "We have turned down additional interests," Waldman said. "The number 25 is a feeling for the time being. The reason we're not reporting who bought them is that it's a personal issue with these people."

Storm Cat, whose stud fee is jumping from $300,000 last year to $400,000 in 2001, will be bred to more than 100 mares this coming season, according to Waldman, 17 of which will be broodmares owned by Young.
"His book is extremely full," Waldman said. "If there are any defections this coming year, they won't be replaced."

Waldman also reported Storm Cat is in excellent health. "Last year was his best breeding season ever," he said. "He bred 118 mares and got 109 of them in foal. It was a career year for him. We don't anticipate him achieving that number again this year. It's like Mark McGwire hitting 70 home runs in one season. It can be done the next year, but it's unlikely."

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