Action on California Worker's Comp Bill Delayed

< />By Jack Shinar
Legislation aimed at helping the state defray workers' compensation insurance costs has been delayed for consideration until after the California Senate returns from recess on August 5.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Jerome Horton, would divert up to $5 million from horsemen and race track purses to a workers' compensation insurance fund. AB 2689 had been set for the Senate consent calendar June 27. It was moved to the inactive file because final language in the bill, which was heavily amended from a version approved by the assembly, had not been agreed to.

The bill has been touted as a partial remedy to a worker's compensation insurance crisis that is threatening racing in the state It was the source of quite a bit of attention over the weekend during a threatened trainers' boycott of racing at Hollywood Park.

Once returned to active status, the legislation should receive passage in the senate without opposition, according to Thoroughbred Owners of California president John Van de Kamp. It would require concurrence from the state assembly before going to Governor Gray Davis.

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