Prince Faisal Salman to Head Thoroughbred Corporation

Prince Faisal Salman to Head Thoroughbred Corporation
Saudi Prince Faisal Salman.
Prince Faisal Salman, the younger brother of Prince Ahmed Salman, will assume his brother's role as head of The Thoroughbred Corporation. Ahmed Salman died after suffering a heart attack on July 22. He and his older brother, the late Prince Fahd Salman, were both heavily involved in Thoroughbred racing. Faisal Salman also has interests in Thoroughbreds, mainly in Europe. He also researches and lectures at King Saud University in Riyadh.

In a release Prince Faisal said, "Richard Mulhall has done a wonderful job as president of the corporation and will continue in this capacity for the day-to-day running of its racing and breeding in the USA and Europe. No dispersal of the horses owned by The Thoroughbred Corporation has been comtemplated by the family." The release did say a limited number of mares and weanlings will probably be sold in upcoming sales, as has been done in the past.

Prince Fahd Salman's racing and breeding stock, which operate in the name Newgate Stud, have continued to function since his death in 2001. Fahd Salman owned farms in Kentucky and England. Steven Lane now serves as president of Newgate Stud Co.

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