Smith Commends Authorities for Pick 6 Arrests

Tim Smith, commissioner of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, commended authorities on Tuesday for the arrests of three individuals for wire fraud in connection to the Breeders' Cup Pick 6 investigation.

"We commend the authorities on the arrests today in the pick six case and support prosecution to the fullest extent under the law, Smith said in a prepared statement. "We have said from the beginning, our focus is not only on last month's Breeders' Cup Pick 6 but also on protecting the long-term integrity of the entire pari-mutuel system.

"The NTRA Wagering Technology Working Group is a vital part of the effort to assure our customers that the pari-mutuel system is protected from abuse. New security measures being put in place will guard against attempts to abuse the pari-mutuel system. From the first indication in October that a problem existed, the horseracing industry has viewed this challenge very seriously. We will do everything necessary to protect the interests of our fans and customers and to earn their confidence."

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