Hettel Resigns from Kentucky Racing Authority

Hettel Resigns from Kentucky Racing Authority
Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt
Bernie Hettel, resigned as executive director of the Kentucky Racing Authority.
Bernie Hettel, executive director of the now-defunct Kentucky Racing Commission for nearly 20 years, submitted his resignation on Wednesday.

Hettel's resignation took effect immediately, said Mark York, spokesman for the state Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet. York declined to comment on why Hettel resigned.

LaJuana Wilcher, secretary of the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet that administers the authority, was not available for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher recently disbanded the racing commission and appointed a new one with a different name and expanded responsibilities.

Fletcher said he wanted the new panel to promote economic development and tourism as well as the traditional role of regulating horse racing.

The governor asked the members of the old commission to resign.

Hettel stayed on temporarily as executive director of the new panel, named the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority.

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