'Remarkable' Rollins Out Of Stanford Hospital

(from Bay Meadows release)
Jockey Chance Rollins, who suffered a severe head injury in a fall at Bay Meadows June 11, was transferred from Stanford Hospital to a rehabilitation center five days later.

The 36-year-old Rollins was moved to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center June 16 while "showing great improvement every day," said Bay Meadows track physician Dr. David Seftel.

"Chance is in the rehabilitation center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and the strategy now is to continue physical and mental re-conditioning over the next several days," reported Dr. Seftel Saturday. "He's more alert every day, and his speech has improved in both rate and content."

Rollins appears to be setting a track record with his recovery. Two days after suffering his critical injuries, Rollins came out of a medically-induced coma and began breathing without the aid of a ventilator. By Wednesday he was up and walking, and on Thursday he was participating in physical therapy.

"He's remarkable," said Seftel of Rollins, who has been injured often during his career. "He is the toughest of the tough."

Fans wishing to send Rollins a get well-card can do so via Bay Meadows. Address cards to: Chance Rollins, c/o Bay Meadows Racecourse, P. O. Box 5050, San Mateo, 94002.

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