Lost in the Fog Begins Chemotherapy

Lost in the Fog Begins Chemotherapy
Photo: Skip Dickstein
Lost in the Fog begins next phase of battle with cancer.
(from Golden Gate Fields release)
Lost in the Fog was resting in his stall at Golden Gate Fields Saturday, two days after receiving his first chemotherapy treatment at the University of California at Davis.

The champion sprinter of 2005 had the treatment Thursday and was able to return home to Golden Gate Fields Friday afternoon.

"I think it (the treatment) affected him a little bit, but he's eating and he's drinking," reported trainer Greg Gilchrist Saturday. "He seems a little tired, but that's to be expected. I think he'll snap out of it."

Gilchrist said Lost in the Fog, who was diagnosed with three cancerous tumors last month, will have his next chemotherapy treatment Sept. 27 or Sept. 28.

Gilchrist thanked everyone for the tremendous support that he, owner Harry J. Aleo, and Lost in the Fog have received.

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