The Jockey Club Inspects Farms for Early Foals

(from The Jockey Club release)
The Jockey Club staff conducted numerous inspections of farms in nine states in late December in check on broodmares with early 2006 breeding or foaling dates.

“Our Registry staff observed a small number of foals that had been born prior to January 1, which will be registered as foals of 2006,” said Alan Marzelli, president of The Jockey Club. “Those who choose to breed mares early may risk having foals born prior to January 1.”

The inspections were a follow-up to a rule revision in August 2005 that added provisions for field inspections. Teams of representatives from The Jockey Club conducted the checks.

The rule change, which appears in Section V of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book, was implemented by The Jockey Club’s Board of Stewards due to the increasing number of Thoroughbred foals reported as being born in the first several days of January. There are concerns as to whether these foaling dates were being accurately reported.

Marzelli said that The Jockey Club will continue with the field inspections in 2007.

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