Hawthorne to Reduce Pick 6 Takeout to 16%

Management at Hawthorne Race Course announced that its Pick 6 takeout -- the percentage of the wagering pool that is withheld by the state -- has been reduced to 16% for the 2007 spring meet.

The Pick 6, a wager popular on each coast, gained popularity in the Midwest last fall with a pair of large carryovers during the Hawthorne meet. The takeout was previously set at 25%. A consolation payout for 5 of 6 winners will also be added when a perfect ticket is hit.

“By making these changes, we estimate that it will take much less time for the pool to grow to $100,000,” said John Walsh, Hawthorne’s director of simulcasting. “Additionally, for those who play often, we wanted to rewarded our players when they hit on 5 of 6, even when a perfect ticket is hit.”

Live racing at Hawthorne runs Feb. 23 through April 29. 

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