Jackson Attorney Issues Clarification in Headley Settlement

Jess Jackson’s corporate counsel has issued a statement of clarification in regards to the recently reported settlement between the billionaire horseman and former associate Bruce Headley.

“Mr. Headley has agreed that if subpoenaed he will testify truthfully at a deposition and at trial and Mr. Headley's attorney is willing to accept service of the subpoena on Mr. Headley's behalf,” the statement signed by Jackson corporate counsel Kevin Patrick McGee said.

“Beyond the agreement regarding service of the subpoenas, Mr. Headley has not agreed to any other conditions and is not obligated to do anything that any other witness in the civil litigation process would also not be required to do,” the statement continued.

Headley, who was originally named along with six other horsemen and related entities in lawsuits Jackson filed in California and Kentucky, reportedly settled for $900,000, according to attorneys connected to the case.

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