Jockeys' Guild Increases Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary disability benefits for members of the Jockeys’ Guild will increase beginning June 1, according to an open letter distributed to Guild members May 15.

The Guild letter, written by national manger Dwight Manley, confirms that disability benefits in states without workers’ compensation will increase from the current payment of $100 to a benefit payment of $200 per week, while disability benefits in states with workers’ compensation will increase from $50 to $200 per week.

“The vote by the Guild’s board reverses last year’s financial resolution that decreased the disability program benefits in April 2006,” Manley wrote. “The temporary disability benefits will be restored to their previous level in non-workers’ comp. states. The benefits in workers’ comp. states will increase to the same amount as non-workers’ comp states so that everyone is entitled to the same level of financial assistance. With the commitment and dedication from members and others, the Guild continues to improve the benefits, health and safety of jockeys.” 

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