KEEP Announces Endorsement in Gubernatorial Race

KEEP Announces Endorsement in Gubernatorial Race

The Kentucky Equine Education Project’s board of directors announced June 25 its endorsement of the Steve Beshear-Daniel Mongiardo ticket in the 2007 Kentucky gubernatorial campaign.

In a statement, KEEP said Beshear and Mongiardo "discussed their vision for improving the equine industry throughout the state, while at the same time advocating for every horse owner and rider in Kentucky" during their meeting at the board's invitation. The statement said Gov. Ernie Fletcher didn't respond to a request to meet with the board.

“Steve Beshear and Daniel Mongiardo outlined a clear vision of support for horse owners and the entire Kentucky horse industry," the statement said. "Their top priority to help Kentucky horse owners will be the repeal of the unfair sales tax placed on horse feed and equipment. Owners of all other livestock in Kentucky do not pay sales tax on feed and equipment for their animals.

"For some reason, Kentucky has placed a sales tax burden only on the animals that comprise our signature industry. Mr. Beshear and Mr. Mongiardo have pledged to make the repeal of this unfair tax a top priority of their administration, thereby providing tax relief to every horse owner in Kentucky.”

The June 25 release also said the two men discussed their vision to convert old railroad beds to horse trails throughout the state, open up state parks to equine use, and create a network of trails connecting various state parks.

"In addition, they support expanded gaming, which will help our racing industry remain competitive with surrounding states that enhance their purses with proceeds derived from expanded gaming," the statement said.

KEEP was created in May 2004 to "promote and protect Kentucky’s horse industry" and has over 11,000 members.

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