A Day At The Spa: July 31, Dark Day

A Day At The Spa: July 31, Dark Day

So here we are, six days of racing behind us and more than one month left to go, which is either good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Here's a dark day, which should be spent on mindless, horseless activities, like catching up on sleep or taking out the trash.

The car needs to be washed, but the Mobile station in town doesn’t have an automatic car wash and there’s no telling where one may be located with relative ease. Maybe it’ll rain.

The bedroom must be cleaned, especially the closet, where one week worth of clothes has piled up onto the shoe rack (admit it, flinging is easier – and faster – than hanging).

Groceries should be purchased if any time is to be spent at home – otherwise, another trip to the ATM is in order.

An afternoon nap is definitely in order, and if you want to wake up without sleeping through the evening, it’s a good idea to set the alarm.

Kick back, relax, handicap the Aug. 1 card, eat a leisurely dinner at home, enjoy a break from the action.

Wednesday’s forecast calls for clear skies and a temperature of 86.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.

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