Livingston's Saratoga Diary: A Special Treat for Racing Fans

Livingston's Saratoga Diary: A Special Treat for Racing Fans

Renowned equine photojournalist Barbara D. Livingston is recording her Saratoga summer in pictures and words with in the Saratoga Photo Diary feature currently running on during the annual August celebration of Thoroughbred racing - New York style.

Updated each week during the meet, Saratoga Photo Diary gives Barbara the chance to share her thoughts, as well as her stunning photography with those who love the majesty of the sport of kings.

From the magnificent Thoroughbreds to the people who own, train, race, and love them, you never know who you'll run into when you spend some time in Barbara's Diary.

Livingston, who grew up near Saratoga Springs, New York, is best known for her portraits of racehorses and racing people,  but the breadth of her artistry in a kaleidoscope of images that reveals the spirit and tradition of Saratoga Springs. Essays about her subjects and the importance of Saratoga Springs in the shaping of her vision enhance these timeless photographs.

A graduate of Syracuse University with a fine arts degree, Livingston first began photographing horse racing in the early 1970s when she visited Saratoga Race Course. Over the past three decades, her lens has captured scores of champions and classic racing scenes. In addition, she has received two Eclipse Awards, horse racing's highest honor, for her outstanding photography.

Her work also has been featured in several popular books -- Barbara Livingston's Saratoga, Four Seasons of Racing, and Old Friends -- all published by Eclipse Press.

Livingston's work has appeared in various magazines, as well, including Sports Illustrated, The Blood-Horse, Newsweek, People, GQ, Cigar Aficionado, and on the cover of TV Guide.

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