NTRA Earmarks $100,000 Contributions in 2007 and 2008

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association Board of Directors earmarked $100,000 contributions in both 2007 and 2008 to the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.

"The NTRA has taken on a leadership role with regard to integrity matters since the organization's inception, and we are delighted to provide this financial support to the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium," said Alex Waldrop, president and CEO of the NTRA. "Integrity is a process, not a goal. As individual leaders and members of the NTRA, we must never relinquish our responsibility to ensure that our sport is played to the highest standards."

The funds will be dedicated directly to two key initiatives: increasing backstretch security and investigating prohibited practices and uses of illegal substances, including out-of-competition testing and development of new drug tests.

The Board also approved Craig Fravel, Bill Walmsley, and Marsha Naify as new members of the NTRA Charities Board of Directors.

Since its inception, NTRA Charities has dispersed more than $6 million to racing-related charitable causes. That panel now includes independent directors Gary Biszantz, Nancy Kelly, Fravel, Moelis, and  Walmsley, along with  NTRA directors Robert N. Clay, Robert Elliston, Nick Nicholson, Naify, and Waldrop.

The NTRA Board also received reports on legislative affairs, group purchasing, marketing and television.

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