Chase to Oversee Horse Council Communications

Chase to Oversee Horse Council Communications

Sarah A. Chase is joining the staff of the American Horse Council as the new director of communications for the Washington, D.C.-based organization.

Chase, who has served as director of the Washington office of a major national consumer group, recently returned to Washington after briefly serving as director of strategic planning and operations for Cross-Country International, a New York-based leader in equestrian travel.

Chase joins the AHC with a broad background in press, media, and government relations. While in Washington with the Federation of American Consumers and Travelers, Chase created and maintained the million-member association’s “Eye-on-Washington” program, in addition to serving as director of the office.

At Cross-Country International, Chase was charged with improving promotions, marketing development, and overseas facility relations. Chase has joined the AHC staff in order to continue to work with the horse industry in a broader advocacy role.

“I’m especially excited to be here at the AHC in order to ensure that the horse industry works together in Washington to accomplish our shared goals of keeping opportunities open for all segments of our nation’s broad horse industry and equestrian community,” Chase said in a statement. “It is my strong belief, as well as that of the AHC, that a strong membership, which is built on consensus and coordinated action, is the best way forward.”

Said AHC president Jay Hickey: “The AHC is delighted to welcome Sarah to our staff.  Her strong dynamic and proven talent will enable the AHC to move ahead.  We’re looking forward to working with her to drive the greater goals of the AHC within Washington and the broader horse community.”

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