Another Australian Shuttler Positive for EI

Yet another massive setback to the breeding program in Australia' New South Wales occurred over the weekend, with another of the shuttlers locked up in quarantine testing positive for equine influenza.

This, in real terms, means all the ultra-expensive and famous stallions still isolated in quarantine at Sydney's Eastern Creek facility will remain there until at least mid-November.

The development has further fueled the Thoroughbred Breeders Australia to entice the government to start vaccinations immediately. The TBA board confirmed its strong and growing support for “the existing equine influenza containment program put in place by the federal and state governments, including the development of zones and other initiatives," but stated it also believes a national vaccination program "must be commenced forthwith.”

TBA declared bluntly: “At present the entire Australian horse industry is at risk, with the plight of the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry being particularly acute in terms of economic loss.”

Said TBA president John Messara: “With the news on Friday that 714 properties are equine influenza-infected in NSW, an increase of some 300 infected properties over a 24-hour period, the use of vaccine must be approved as an adjunct to the control and eradication of equine influenza.”

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