Nader: HK Jockey Club Must Avoid Repeat

The Hong Kong Jockey Club has some serious thinking to do during the summer in a bid to ensure the latest jockey drug-related embarrassment is never repeated, according to executive director of racing Bill Nader.

Nader promised “a systematic review” of procedures because the Olivier Doleuze case has clearly shown up a problem that had not previously been considered.

The director stopped short, however, of criticizing any of his team and said that an early laboratory test of the Bliss Sensory Pills may still not have saved the day.

“We spoke to [chief analyst] Terence Wan about this and he stands by his decision not to test the pills because of the variance that can take place on a batch to batch basis,” Nader explained.

“Terence said that just because one batch of a certain supplement tests clear, doesn’t mean the next one will. That’s why he went by the list of ingredients published by the manufacturer.

“We’ll all get together --- racing control, the laboratory, the legal people and myself and work through the whole issue during the summer,” Nader continued. “The bottom  line is that we must uphold the integrity of the drug testing protocols.”

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