California Begins Ban on Steroids

Effective Aug. 1, the California Horse Racing Board will strictly enforce all regulations concerning anabolic steroids and will no longer issue “unofficial notices” when the test samples reveal unauthorized levels of anabolic steroids. There has been a grace period since testing for anabolic steroids began July 1 to allow for the implementation of new regulations, guidelines, and procedures, but beginning with races run on Aug. 1, 2008, complaints will be filed against trainers or other licensees alleged to have violated the regulations.
Anabolic steroid violations will be handled in the same as all other medication violations.  A notice of positive test will be issued to the licensee, who will have an opportunity to request a split sample analysis.  Upon confirmation of a positive split sample, a complaint will be issued and a hearing date set. The subsequent rulings will be available on the CHRB website ( and posted at the stewards offices.
“We are trying to implement this enforcement regulation in the most logical, timely way,” said CHRB chairman Richard B. Shapiro. “We have given notice to the owners, trainers, veterinarians, and other track personnel.  It is part of the process. The administration of all anabolic steroids to horses in competition must stop immediately. Complaints will be issued. The hammer is coming down. In this way, we are protecting the public and all of those who are playing by the rules.”
Once the Office of Administrative Law approves the regulatory amendment adopted by the Board July 17, testosterone, boldenone, nandrolone, and stanozolol will become Class III prohibited substances, which will require automatic disqualification and forfeiture of the purse along with any other potential penalties against the licensees involved. All other anabolic steroids already are in Class II or III of prohibited substances, and the use of which are subject to formal complaints and disqualifications.

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