Del Mar Pick Six Pool Hits Record $5.1M

Del Mar Pick Six Pool Hits Record $5.1M
Photo: File Photo
Bettors poured an additional $3,615,779 into the Del Mar Pick Six July 27, creating a record pool of $5,177,766 for the multi-race wager at the seaside track.

There were 59 tickets correctly choosing six winners. Each was worth $60,499.40.

The July 27 Pick Six Pool easily surpassed the track’s previous all-time biggest, $3,555,771, which was established on Aug. 15, 1998.

A string of longshots at Del Mar July 26 led to a record Pick Six carryover at the racetrack of $1,561,987 heading into the July 27 program. The carryover was the result of three consecutive days in which no tickets hit all six races.

Del Mar’s previous high carryover for the multi-race wager was $1,117,973 on July 29, 1990.

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