Louisiana to Ban Steroids
Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt

The Louisiana State Racing Commission took steps Aug. 25 to ban exogenous steroid use in racehorses, according to the Daily Racing Form.

The rules still must pass through a five-step administrative process before they take effect, which is expected to be before Jan. 1. Commission executive director Charles Gardiner told the Racing Form that the commission is expected to pass an emergency rule if the process runs longer.

The Louisiana rule applies to all forms of steroids that do not occur naturally in a horse including stanozolol, which is sold under the popular brand name Winstrol. Naturally occurring steroids, such as boldenone, nandrolone, and testosterone would be permitted in "normal" levels but cannot be given within 45 days of a race. The "normal" level of these steroids in horses, geldings, and mares is still being determined by the Racing Medication Testing Consortium and the Association of Racing Commissioners International. Established levels are expected to be completed within 30 days, according to Gardiner.

Under the rules, a steroid positive would be a Class 3 medication violation, which means a trainer with a positive test result faces a suspension between 60 days and six months, a fine of no more than $1,500, and the redistribution of purse earnings.

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