One of the identification agencies that will be presenting information at the National Equine Identification Symposium in Chicago, Ill., July 28-Aug. 1, is the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB). The TRPB is a national investigative agency formed in 1946. One of its functions is the lip-tattooing of Thoroughbreds for the purpose of racetrack identification. This system of identification was developed by TRPB in 1947, and it has been (along with The Jockey Club registration papers) the main means of identification for racing Thoroughbreds since that time, according to Jim Gowen, vice president of TRPB.

“The lip-tattoo system of identification is proven, is cost effective, and is easy to administer,” he said. “Lip-tattooing provides a safe and unalterable means of identification.”

The TRPB currently employs approximately 60 tattoo technicians throughout the United States and Canada. Each technician is trained in the proper means of identifying horses and application of the tattoo brand. The TRPB maintains a computerized database of branding reports and photographs of lip-tattoos at its headquarters in Elkton, Md.

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