Hollywood to Offer Pick 5 With 14% Takeout

Hollywood to Offer Pick 5 With 14% Takeout
Photo: Benoit Photo

After receiving approval from the California Horse Racing Board and the Thoroughbred Owners of California, Hollywood Park will offer a reduced takeout Pick 5 on its wagering menu when the Spring/Summer meet begins April 21.

The Pick 5, which will have the lowest takeout rate for any multiple race wager in California at 14%, will be a 50-cent minimum bet. It will consist of the first five races daily.

There is a carryover provision with the Pick 5 if there are no perfect tickets. The carryover rules are the same as those applicable to the Pick 6.

Formerly available on the first four races, the early Pick 4 will now cover races 2-5. The late Pick 4 remains on the final four races.

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