Changes in New York Stallion Stakes Series
Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt
Mares and Foals

Beginning with the 2014 breeding season, all foals by stallions who are nominated to the New York Stallion Stakes Series will be automatically eligible for all of the New York Stallion Stakes Series races without a nomination fee. Under current rules, a nomination fee must be paid for both stallion and foal.

As in the past, stallions will be required to nominate to the series by mid-February, according to a release announcing the change. The minimum stallion nomination fee will stay at $2,500, or the stallion's advertised stud fee (whichever is higher), but beginning with foals of 2015 (2017 series), any foal sired by a nominated stallion will be automatically eligible for the series at no charge.

Any series already in motionsuch as Series 2014 (foals of 2012, or this year's yearlings), Series 2015 (foals of 2013, or this year's weanlings) and Series 2016 (foals to be born in 2014)will be subject to the current rules. The change in rules, where the stallion only must be nominated, takes effect with Series 2017 (foals of 2015).

"This is a terrific way to increase participation in the New York Stallion Series races and everybody winsstallion owners, breeders, owners and the racetrack operator," Jeffrey Cannizzo, executive director the New York Thoroughbred Breeders, said in the release. "Nobody falls through the cracks because a breeder or buyer forgot to nominate a foal, and there will be a bigger pool of horses to draw from when the races come up, which will make for a better series.

"Breeders and owners should be aware of exactly when this change takes place. Current horses of racing age, 2-year-olds, yearlings, weanlings and foals in utero are subject to the former rules and must be nominated individually. The new system only takes effect beginning the foals conceived during the 2014 breeding season."

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