T.I.P. Performance Awards Enhanced for 2014

Applications for The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program's 2014 Performance Awards are now available, and prize money will be offered in addition to ribbons and other prizes. 
The T.I.P. program recognizes and rewards the versatility of the Thoroughbred through sponsorship of classes and high point awards at sanctioned horse shows. 
Theawards, which are worth more than $8,000 in 2014, include ribbons, prize money, leather lead shanks and T.I.P. customized lead ropes.
"The response to our Performance Awards pilot program in 2013 was tremendous," said Kristin Leshney, legal associate for The Jockey Club and the administrator of T.I.P. "We are pleased to be able to provide this program again this year, and especially pleased to add prize money as an award."
Performance Award results are submitted by owners and riders. Forms must be postmarked by Dec. 20, zand are available at tjctip.com. The Performance Awards will be tabulated for horse shows that are held between Dec. 1, 2013, and Nov. 30, 2014.
In order to participate in the Performance Award program, owners and riders must obtain a T.I.P. number for their Thoroughbred, and each rider/horse combination must have a unique T.I.P. number.
Horse shows do not have to offer T.I.P. awards to be included in the Performance Award program.
In addition to the complete schedule of T.I.P.-sponsored shows, other information about the program is also available on the T.I.P. website, tjctip.com. Those interested in T.I.P. can follow the program at Facebook.

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