Talkin' Horses - Live Discussions

What is Talkin' Horses? Talkin' Horses is a live, moderated chat sponsored by Equine Hyperbarics and presented by Blood-Horse Publications for the entertainment of our online visitors.

How does this work? Talkin' Horses is not an open chat area for real-time discussion among all users.

It is a chance to ask questions and make comments directed to our guest and/or host about a given topic.

When you submit a question, it will be sent to the talk host. The host and guest will select questions to answer while the discussion is in progress. The questions and answers will appear as they are written. New answers will be posted every 1-5 minutes during the discussion.

Why does the pace of the discussion seem slow?

It all depends on the complexity of the questions received and the amount of time it takes to answer a question. If the guest is providing a more in-depth answer, it may take a few minutes. Again, the time frame for new answers to appear on the page is about every 1-5 minutes during the discussion.

How can I see the most recent responses?

The page will automatically refresh about every 2 minutes which will display the most recent responses at the bottom of the page.

You can also hit "Reload" or "Refresh" on your browser.

How will you decide which questions to use?

We may have tough decisions to make given the limited time for each discussion. We will try to take as many questions as we can, and we'll try to cover as many relevant topics as possible.

A few hints:

How can I make suggestions or comments?

Submit our Feedback form.

Editor's Note: moderators retain editorial control over Talkin' Horses discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests; guests may decline to answer questions. Opinions expressed by guests of Talkin' Horses are those of the guest and do not represent the opinions of Blood-Horse Publications, its employees, associates, or affiliated organizations. Guests, dates, and times of Talkin' Horses discussions are subject to change.